Application: Municipal Water Plant
Customer: Leshan No. 5 Water Plant Co., Ltd
Products: Manual / Electric Actuator Butterfly Valves DN200~DN1000 PN10
Manual / Pneumatic / Electric Actuator Gate Valves DN200~DN500 PN10
Pneumatic Angle Type Sludge Discharge Valves
Non-return check valves, Multifunctional Control Valves etc.

The water supply scale of Leshan No. 5 water plant is 100,000m³ per day. After construction, it mainly solves the problem of safe drinking water for more than 100,000 people. We provided various specifications and types of 726 sets valves to this project, which are installed in important parts of pump house, plant area and filter tank.

Application: Water Supply
Customer: Sichuan Lezhi Haitian Water Co., Ltd
Products: Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Hydraulic Control Butterfly Check Valves etc.

The second water plant in Lezhi city has a water supply capacity of 30,000m³ per day. The project is located in Yangjiaqiao River, Lezhi city. The main contents of the project include pre-sedimentation tank, sedimentation tank, pharmacy, comprehensive house, etc. In this project, we provided kinds of butterfly valves and gate valves, which are durable and stable after being used by customers.

Application: Water Conservancy Project
Customer: Shuifa Group Huangshui East Transfer Engineering Co., Ltd.
Products: DN2400 Regulating Valves and Other Big Size Butterfly Valves etc.

A total investment of USD 538 millions in the first phase, a total water transfer up to 14 million square meters. The total investment of the second phase Huangshui East Transfer Engineering project is USD 494 millions, the pipeline length is 56.40 km, the design flow is 15 m³/s, and it runs 243 days per year after completion. The annual water supply amount is 315 square meters. In the first and second phases, we provided many valve products including super large size regulation valves, eccentric hemispherical valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, air release valves and telescopic joints.

Application: Municipal Water Plant
Customer: Chongqing Dianjiang Water Supply Co., Ltd
Products: Electric Actuator Butterfly Valves DN300~DN400 PN16
Eccentric Ball Valves DN300~DN700 PN16
Multifunctional Control Valves DN300~DN400 PN16
Sludge Discharge Valves etc.

The 66,000m³ per day project of Chongqing Dianjiang water plant project is a key project in Dianjiang city, which is also one of the 13 sub projects of infrastructure for small cities. The total investment of the project is USD 16 millions. In addition to the construction of water supply plant, the whole project also involves the construction of 76.54 km water distribution network. In this project, we provided electric butterfly valve, eccentric hemispherical valve, multi-functional control valve and other valves.

Application: Sewage Treatment Plant
Customer: Pingchang Haitian Water Supply Co., Ltd
Products: Manual Butterfly Valves DN80~DN400 PN10
Manual Soft Sealing Gate Valves DN100~DN400 PN10
Micro Resistance Slow Closing Check Valves DN150~DN400 PN10
Flexible Rubber Joints DN300~DN700 PN10
Channel Gate, Cast Iron Copper Inlaid Square Gate etc.

In order to adapt to the regional development of Pingchang city and improve the environmental quality of regional surface water, the sewage treatment capacity of Bazhong Pingchang sewage treatment plant project has reached 20,000 tons. We have provided 115 valves of various specifications and types to the end user, and provided installation guidance for customers. Good after-sales service has won an excellent reputation for us.